5 senses

Our organizational culture & work style unrestricted by place or time.

Employees value the 5 senses in order to always create User First services.

01Believes in our

Enjoy growing together, believing in the product, our teams and that we will be the no.1 fintech company in the world.

02SPEED is our bet on the market

Contribute to our users and the company by achieving results at an amazing speed.

03Ego is not welcome, Communication is necessary

Value communications and respect diversity of our colleagues. Work together and tackle tasks as one.

04Be Sincere To be Professional

Be sincere and work as a professional without making any compromise. Create new opportunities and values.Go through till the end.

05Work for LIFE, or Work for Rice
- What is your real purpose? -

Take action, looking for essential objectives and values.Try to take risks again and again and never stop challenging.